The integrated approach to healthcare technology

Our expertise

Integration services

Work with the experts in integration! Over 20 years professional and passionate experience in IT integration in complex environments in industry and healthcare. We have extensive expertise on all forms of application, data and process integration for wide range of customers around the globe. We can confidently say that we have worked with the most diverse applications and technologies so we are comfortable taking on the most advanced integration projects and deliver consistent value.

Managed Services

We run managed operations services on integrations we deliver. So our customers and partners can focus on their core activities with peace of mind. We aim for the highest service level possible with a clear agreement on indicent response. Our managed services run on one of the three major clouds, on the infrastructure of local national cloud providers and ocasionally on equipment at the customer site. When needed, we provide fiber-optic connections from customer premisses to the cloud datacenter. Global support and follow-the-sun monitoring capabilities are available.

Application development

Our development team is specialized in delivering digital patient experiences in the healthcare domain. We enjoy working up to the highest standards for the most demanding customers in the space. The products we deliver, range from mobile apps on phone and tablet, specialized clinician dashboards to data analytics viewers to support medical trials. We are a full-stack player and deliver end-to-end products including application back-ends, APIs and managed operations. In all our products we apply privacy by design and follow the highest standards with regards to patient privacy and data security.


Bring your IT landscape to the next level with in-depth and inspiring advice by our experts in IT architecture and governance. We have years of experience as consultants, working with large enterprises on the topics of IT architecture, rationalization, transformation and delivery. Over time a typical IT landscape has the tendency to expand to a situation with high cost, many applications, and little flexibility is left, and any change is complex project in itself. Needless to say that this does not deliver the flexibility and value that the organization requires. We help you to return to a lean state where It delivers value and provides agility to adapt to your business.

What we deliver…

Examples of the value we deliver to our customers…


Home Samping App

In the first COVID-19 pandemic wave we have developed an end-to-end experience that enables anonymous home-based sampling and testing. This approach allows governments and companies to execute large scale screening and to get geo insights of the infection rate.


Integration of High Volume Screening Lab

In a project for the Dutch ministery of health we have integrated the a high volume testing laboratory to the central national health infrastructure. This adds high volume screening capacity to the existing infrastructure as part of pandemic readiness.


Patient Centric Health Data

In colaboration with one of our partners we have developed a novel approach to patient data management and integration in the healthcare domain. This has resulted into in-house development of a number of applications and execution of several pilots to demonstrate the functionlity of the technology.


Personalized Study Experience

For a partner we have developed a mobile app that allows for personal (n=1) studies. The app allows for individual studies to be executed with a wide range of data sources from smart sensors, wearables, external laboratories and devices at diagnostic centers.


Point of Care Integration

We have developed a novel method to integrate stationary devices at the point of care with our patient health data infrastructure. This app allows diagnostic centers, health organizations and hospitals to participate in patient-centric experiences.


Lab Automation

For an fast growing biotech organization we have transformed in-house developed, specialized image processing tooling into a fully automated data pipeline. This enables to organization to support the next stage of growth in their drug discovery mission.